Testimonial from Neal McDowell

Our marketing success is solely dependant upon the success of our email campaigns and after very disappointing results from “opt-in” email companies we decided to seek out a company that would send our messages to our own list of email addresses. We considered companies both in the states and abroad and we were fortunate enough to come across the Bulk Email Superstore in a search engine.

The first, fantastic impression the Bulk Email Superstore made was the speed in which they responded to our initial inquiry! We were accustomed to waiting days for companies of this type to reply to our email or return our calls so imagine our surprise when we received a response within hours…not days or weeks! Secondly, it was very easy to actually reach a “live” person via phone, something we truly appreciated after spending hours on hold, lost in automated systems and leaving voice messages with the previous companies we’d worked with.

The communication back and forth prior to our first campaign was outstanding. Whether it was by phone or email, all of our questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. Our campaign was broadcast right on schedule and most importantly, the results were 10 times better than any “opt-in” company we’d used in the past plus the pricing was far more reasonable as well.

We’ve used the Bulk Email Superstore for 3 more campaigns since and everything from planning to testing to the deployment of our campaign has gone smoothly every single time.

If your business relies heavily on email marketing, putting your campaigns into the hands of the pros at the Bulk Email Superstore is the best decision you can make.

Neal McDowell