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Bulk Email Friendly ISP Offers Bullet Proof POP Email Accounts

As you may already know, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide email account services have strict Terms of Service (TOS) or Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) against the delivery of bulk email when using your email address for replies or unsubscribe requests.  If your ISP receives complaints or discovers that your email address is being used to process remove requests or to field replies/orders linked to bulk email advertising, they will shut down your email account.

More importantly, (as you may already know) many states are enacting regulations mandating the use of valid from email addresses when sending out mass email broadcasts. The latest CAN-SPAM Act intends to control the illegitimate delivery of unsolicited commercial e-mail messages by prohibiting the use of false return email addresses. Our bulk friendly POP accounts can be used as from addresses in order to comply with these new mandates as well as handling responses, remove requests, and bounce-backs. Also can assists you in keeping your lists clean and highly deliverable.

Bulk Email Superstore offers reliable bulk friendly email account services.  You can now have the peace of mind knowing that you are in full compliance with current national & state regulations & that your email address is secure during your email marketing campaigns.

Bulk Email Superstore offers the following bullet proof email account package:

Bulk Email Friendly POP Email Accounts

Stop worrying about losing your email account and whether or not you are abiding by the latest email marketing laws. Instead, focus on the email broadcasting itself and on fielding incoming sales & response. Our bullet proof email accounts allow for unlimited incoming email volume.

Our Bulk Friendly Email Account setup provides you with:

  • A POP email address
  • The ability to POP your email address from anywhere
  • Ability to process your unsubscribe requests
  • Ability to handle email replies

Please NOTE: Our Bulk Friendly Email Accounts are not used for outbound bulk email broadcasting. These accounts are designed to be used as "from" or "reply" email addresses in your outbound email broadcasting campaigns. This account is designed to download replies and unsubscribe requests.

The price for this account is:

Monthly $249 (one time $99 setup)

Order Bulk Email Account POP3

Upon receipt of your order, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your POP account server, username, & password.

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