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What is Country Traffic?

  • Get Visitors to Your Site Interested in What You Offer
  • Select Your Visitors by Country
  • Tracking & Statistical Reporting Included
  • Campaigns Setup in 24 Hours

Buy Targeted Traffic at Discounted Prices

As web site promotion specialists, we can expose your business to millions of targeted internet users while effectively branding your product or service. With the most cost effective packages on the internet, you don’t have to worry about high advertising overhead. Just sit back and enjoy your return on investment while we unleash the power of targeted guaranteed traffic to your web site or business!

What is Targeted Guaranteed Traffic?

Targeted guaranteed traffic can provide you with an instant audience specifically interested in what you are offering. Our promotional services assist in increasing sales, generating leads, establishing new customers, and creating brand awareness. Targeted unique visitors are delivered to your site through full page pop-unders for maximum conversion and penetration. Real-time stats are provided with every order. Website Traffic Promotion Frequently Asked Questions. Not sure which traffic is right for your business? We Sum it Up for you Here.

Country Targeted Traffic

Tell us the country you wish to target, and we will send those visitors directly to your web site:

You may select a specific country or select all countries simultaneously (global traffic) to route geographically sensitive guaranteed traffic to your website. Your products/services are advertised in a full page ad to the country of your choice. Perfect for web sites that are written in certain languages or for geographic specific products or services. View targeted country traffic list here.

When you buy targeted traffic campaigns through Bulk Email Superstore, they are always delivered through full screen (800 x 600) Pop-Under ads. All guaranteed traffic is “24 hour unique” which means that within a 24 hour time frame no one visitor is ever counted twice.

  • Always 100% Unique Visitors
  • We serve your ad within a full-size pop-under window.
  • Detailed statistical reports and graphs are included with every order.
  • All campaigns statistics are measured in real time.
  • All campaigns include a Money Back Guarantee & are setup within 24 hours.
  • If your web site does not receive all the traffic that you have purchased, you receive a complete refund.

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