Free Spam Checker Tool

Can you believe..

…that according to major internet authorities on email marketing, approximately 40-60% of all email is getting caught and filtered as “SPAM” BEFORE it even reaches recipient email inboxes!

Did you also know that nearly 30% of all opt-in permission passed email gets blocked before its ever read?

Sound ridiculous? Well,……. that’s because it is! Imagine all the time, money and energy responsible email marketers waste every day sending emails that are never seen.

To combat this issue, we created a powerful tool for responsible email marketers to BEAT the Spam Filters and help you get your email messages delivered directly to your recipients’ email inbox.

Stop leaving money on the table and get your email “Spam Filter Friendly” and make sure your messages get through every time.

How our Spam Content Detection System Works:

This tool is free. Use it as much as you like. Compose your email with your subject line, send it to the unique email address above. Once you Submit, Click on the check your score. Our system will detect any spam related “triggers” based on Spam Assassin’s scoring system. The scoring system is constantly updated so you will always stay on top of the latest spam filter changes. This tool is designed to tell you what trigger phrases are in your email, the score of each offense and the total score of your email message. Edit your message based on the displayed suggestions and re-test.

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