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Website Traffic Promotion & Pop-Unders to Increase Traffic

Online web site traffic promotion has become increasingly popular through the use of pop-under advertising. Pop-Under ads are web pages that automatically launch underneath open browser windows. Thanks to target specific promotion campaigns that were placed on know web sites such as, The New York Times, AltaVista, and the Chicago Tribune, the camera manufacturer responsible for producing "The X10" made their company the fourth most visited website on the World Wide Web in June. (According to web traffic analytics company; Jupiter Media Metrix).

Through a massive network of high traffic publisher sites, Bulk Email Software Superstore web site traffic promotion campaigns reach nearly 60% of the U.S. Internet population. With access to these enormous traffic inventories, we can route millions of unique visitors from select markets to your web site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Guaranteed Website Traffic Promotion FAQ's

1. How do you send qualified traffic to my web site? Bulk Email Software Superstore is an Internet Traffic Management company delivering quality traffic to your web site via full screen (800 x 600 pixel) pop-unders. Our extensive network of publisher web sites gives our clients the flexibility in selecting the most appropriate audience for their offers. All orders always include statistical reporting, free consultation and delivery of your order normally within a 30 days. Completion times may vary from campaign to campaign.

2. Is the traffic Unique? Yes, all of our traffic is unique. We monitor every visitor to your site to make sure certain your receive high quality, unique visitors on a 24 hour basis.

3. Do you post my web site URL to autosurf programs? We do not spam nor post your URL to random newsgroups the way many other traffic sites do. We focus on traffic promotional services that deliver true targeted prospects directed from our network of web sites that you choose from.

4. Why are your prices so low? Bulk Email Software Superstore specializes in forming massive networks of publisher sites. These networks give us access to gigantic amounts of traffic inventory. Since we purchase blocks of traffic in volume, our costs are maintained at the lowest possible levels. In turn, we can then pass along the savings at reduced rates to our clients.

5. What type of sites do you accept? We accept a large variety of different web site genres. However if you have adult related content on your site, inventory may be limited. Adult web site promotion orders are processed on a first come first serve basis and are subject to availability.

6. What are your guidelines? Your site cannot have any pop-ups/unders. This includes javascript alert boxes, windows that load with your web site, exit pops, etc. If your web site has pop-ups or pop-unders, we may still be able to run your campaign on a premium traffic feed. Please inquire for pricing.

7. Do you use bulk email to generate visitors? No we do not. Our guaranteed website traffic promotion campaigns direct visitors to your site via pop-unders only. For information on our bulk email marketing campaigns and email related software and services, access the appropriate category in the navigation to the left.

8. How long will it take for my campaign to complete? Campaigns usually run across a 30 day time frame. Some campaigns can finish sooner, others can take a bit longer. All and all, the average completion time for our campaigns is 30 days.

9. Will I generate sales? Although we have many satisfied & repeat customers, we still cannot guarantee that you will generate more sales. This is highly dependent on your site's sales copy, price point, demand for your product or service and overall web site presentation.

10. Why doesn't my hit counter match up 100% with your statistic tracker?

There are many reasons why visitors may not register with your server's website tracker:

  • An internet user immediately closes out of the window before your site fully loads.
  • The user is working on a slow connection or network and your tracking software times out as a result.
  • At the time of request, your web page was down or unreachable.
  • The user's Internet provider or web browser saved a copy of your site from a previous visit and served the new request from cache memory instead of from your server.
  • Your web site tracker is not capable of handling numerous concurrent requests.

11. How can I get the most out of my traffic campaign? We suggest using a well designed page that includes captivating headers, benefit statements, catchy phrases, attractive colors, etc. Basically, anything that can potentially entice your prospect and bring you more web site traffic.

12. How will I know how much traffic I receive? We provide you with the ability to view all your reports any time 24 hours per day. Campaign tracking is included at no extra charge. You also have the ability to pause & resume your traffic through your customer administration panel as needed.

13. How does your Money Back Guarantee work? If you do not receive all of the traffic you purchased (as per the tracking system provided to you included with your order), contact us online or simply call us and request a refund.

14. How can I place my order so I can start promoting & bringing traffic to my site? Simply click on the category of "Guaranteed Traffic" you are interested in the side navigation and follow the "Order" links. Or you may give us a call at 954-975-2575, contact us, or click on the Operator button at the top of our site for a free consultation or to place an order. Once your order is submitted, we will begin delivering your unique visitors within 24 hours!

Still not sure which traffic campaign is right for your business? We Sum it Up for you Here.

Banner Promotion Campaigns FAQ's

1. Are there any restrictions with your banner promotion campaigns? Your site or banner may not contain any illegal or defamatory material.

2. What banner sizes do you support? Banners must measure 468 x 60 pixels with a max file size of 15k.

3. Will you create a banner for me? We offer banner design services for $99. If you do not yet have a banner, there are numerous free services available that allow you to create a banner online.

4. When will my campaign start? Banner promotion campaigns usually take 24 - 48 hours to initiate.

5. How long will my banner campaign take to complete? This depends on how many impressions you order. Most banner advertising campaigns usually complete within 30 days. Depending on server traffic, some campaigns can take longer.

6. How can I place my order so I can start directing traffic to my website? Simply click on the "Banner Traffic" link in the "Guaranteed Traffic" section in the side navigation. Then, follow the "Order" links accordingly. To place an order or for a free consultation, you may also give us a call at 954-975-2575, contact us online , or access the "operator chat" icon at the top of our site. Once your order has been received, your campaign is setup within 24 hours.

Still not sure which traffic campaign is right for your business? We Sum it Up for you Here.

Opt-In Email Promotion & Campaign FAQ's

1. Do you have any guarantees linked to your opt-in email promotion campaigns? Yes, we do! We guarantee that your email campaign will receive at least a 10% open or read rate or your money back.

2. Can my opt-in email ad copy creative be designed in HTML and contain images and or colors? Yes. Your email can be in rich HTML or in a plain text format.

3. Will I be accused of spam? No! You'll never be accused of spam. Our targeted permission based email lists only include people that have opted to receive emails and information based their categories of interest.

4. Do you offer stats to monitor the progress of my opt-in email campaign? Yes we do. Our stats will show you how many emails have been opened & read.

5. When will my email campaign start? All opt-in email promotional campaigns are set up within 24-48 hours.

6. What are the demographic categories I can choose from? You can find a list of our target selects by clicking on the following link: Opt-in email campaign targeting categories.

7. How can I place an order for a targeted optin campaign? Its simple. Simply click on the "Opt-In Email Marketing" link in the "Guaranteed Traffic" section within the side navigation. Then, follow the "Order" links accordingly. If you wish to place an order or inquire about our products or services, feel free to give us a call at 954-975-2575, contact us online, or request an online live operator chat by clicking on the "Operator" button at the top of our site. Within 24 hours from the time you have placed your order, your opt-in email marketing campaign will be initiated.

Still not sure which traffic campaign is right for your business? We Sum it Up for you Here.

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