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Opt-in Email Advertising
Opt-in Email Campaign
Opt-in Email Marketing Service

Opt-In Email Advertising

What is Opt In Email Marketing?

Opt-in email advertising or permission based marketing is the process of broadcasting advertising messages via electronic mail wherein the recipients of these ads have expressed consent to receive them.

The opt-in processes requires that a potential prospect select the products or services they are interested in and wish to subscribe to. The benefit to this approach is that an individual who has expressed an active interest in an offer is a more qualified potential prospect.

10 Benefits of Advertising through Opt-In Email

1) Direct opt-in email marketing is fast. Response rates linked to your campaigns are almost instantaneous. Within several days, you can review the conversions and positive response from your campaigns.

2) Looking to drive more traffic to your web site? Professionally executed targeted opt-in email marketing campaigns have effectively increased web site traffic and directed qualified prospects to online businesses.

3) Opt-in email marketing services can generate an average message click-through rate of 10%-15% and can be as high as 25%.

4) Why use an opt-in email company over direct postal mail organizations? Costs linked to opt-in email campaigns are much less than that of traditional direct mail. With opt-in email, there are:

* No printing costs * No paper costs * No mail handling fees * No postage costs * No return postage

Direct mail can cost approximately $800 - $1200 per thousand exposures and generates an industry average response rate of 1- 2%. Opt-in email carries a cost starting at $5 per thousand with open rates averaging from 10-15%.

5) As an opt-in email company, we make campaign execution easy. From ad copy design and layout to project delivery, your email campaigns can be completed in as little as 2-3 days.

6) Opt-in email advertising services are forms of permission based marketing. Unlike other traditional forms of advertising, optin email is only sent to targeted recipients who have requested to receive information and details about their specific areas of interest.

7) Opt-in email ads can accommodate all images, HTML, audio, video, text, pop-ups, and other enhancements. In addition, with email, there are less space related restrictions linked to the graphics within your ad copy content.

8) Opt-in email captures the sole attention of its recipients. When using other forms of advertising media, your promotional material must compete for the users' attention next to other ads and editorial.

9) Opt in email marketing campaigns give you the ability to add multiple links to your web site landing page/s within your ad copy. Unlike banner ads, which only link to one location, you can direct prospects to a variety of different pages, sections and special offers across your site.

10) Opt-in email is trackable and includes campaign statistics. Publishers and advertisers can review the statistics of their campaigns once their mailings have been completed. Opt-In Email Promotion Frequently Asked Questions

Your opt-in email campaign can be directed to the following categories:

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Gambling
  • Home Owners
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Mortgages
  • Sports
  • Internet Shoppers
  • Books
  • Finance
  • Office Supplies
  • Clothing Catalogs
  • Gifts
  • Sales Management
  • College Students
  • Small Business
  • MP3
  • Free Stuff
  • Health & Fitness
  • Seniors
  • Credit Cards
  • Surveys
  • E-Commerce
  • Investments
  • Tax Preparation
  • Music
  • Business Opportunities

How To Order

1) Prepare your Ad or Message you wish to have broadcasted to your recipients. The ad or message should be in plain text or HTML.

2) Please Prepare a Subject Line that you would like to use for your campaign. It is best to use something that is short, concise, builds interest and is not more than 4 - 5 words in length. Strong subject lines always capture the attention of your prospective audience. The use of an enticing "benefit statement" is an excellent way to increase the response and open rate linked to your campaigns.

3) Select the Campaign Package Size that you wish to go with by clicking on one of the "order" links below. The campaign will be added to your shopping cart.

4) The Cart will Allow you to Attach your Ad Creative, Enter your Subject Line and Select your Audience Category.

5) 24 Hour Processing. Once your order is submitted, processing and setup begins within 24 business hours. Broadcasting of your opt-in campaign is initiated within 1 - 3 business days.

6) All Campaigns Include Free Statistics. As your campaign progresses, statistics are logged on our servers which include: Beginning and ending times of your campaign, the quantity of emails delivered, the number of opens or how many prospects have read your email, number of click throughs to your site and the number of people who have unsubscribed from your campaign. All email marketing campaign statistics are emailed to you once your mailing is complete. We guarantee at least a 10% open rate on all emails sent or your money back.


Order Opt-In Email Campaigns
Place an Order
# of Emails Delivered
Cost p/ Thousand
20,000 $99.99 $4.99 Mainstream traffic order form online
100,000 $199.99 Special $1.99 Mainstream traffic order form online
500,000 $399.99 Special $0.79 Mainstream traffic order form online
1,000,000 $499.99 Special $0.49 Mainstream traffic order form online
2,000,000 $699.99 $0.34 Mainstream traffic order form online
4,000,000 $999.99 $0.24 Mainstream traffic order form online
10,000,000 $1999.99 $0.19 Mainstream traffic order form online
20,000,000 $2699.99 Special $0.13 Mainstream traffic order form online

That sending an optin email campaign on specific days or times of the week can help improve the response rate of your campaign by up to 93%?

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