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Best Email Extractors to Quickly Collect Targeted Email Addresses

Looking to compile highly precise email lists based on certain demographics? Or maybe you require large amounts of non-specific email data. Regardless of your needs, we have an advanced email extractor that can assist you in collecting general or highly target specific lists at ultra-high speeds within minutes. Getting started is as easy as opening your software, typing in a keyword or keyword phrase based on the type of addresses you wish to collect, and hitting the "Extract" button. The bulk email extractor will then search through a variety of web site locations including online directories, web pages, and discussion boards to locate email addresses based on your search criteria. Targeted emails are continuously extracted at a rate of thousands per hour! Its that simple.

Impressive Email Address Collectors Through Research & Development

Bulk Email Superstore only offers the highest level of Corporate Grade email extraction software. Our developers have spent countless hours of research and development in designing email extraction utilities that perform at the top of the industry. All of our email extractors can be evaluated for free before you make a purchase. We urge you to download & review our software and see the difference. Email collector trial versions are fully functional, easy to use and & run un-attended. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

  Version 4.1
  Multi-Tasking Email Address Collector

This product is the newly advanced version of the original email collection software program called Sonic Email Collector. Newly redesigned with a total of 12 major search engines at your disposal, SuperSonic will extract email addresses at super speed from the web based on any keyword you specify. SuperSonic will produce highly targeted email lists based on interest, occupation, industry, city, state, country, and more! It can also separate your lists into their corresponding categories (by hobby or industry, etc.) Load unlimited numbers of keywords or keyword phrases into Supersonic for continuous non-stop email extraction.

Looking for emails from certain cities, countries, or states? Extracting and building these lists couldn't be easier. Simply load in a text file of with your locations and click "Extract". Supersonic will build you precise email lists perfectly in line with what you are looking for.

This industrial strength email extraction software is undisputedly the most powerful high speed commercial grade extractor available on the market. Collect at speeds of up to 50,000+ emails per hour!

FREE trial available by clicking "Download"

Price $299 (includes all phone, email, and chat technical support)

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