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  Version 4.60
  Reliable Corporate Email Software Program

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Powerful Email Software Program for Responsible Email Marketing

Platinum Corporate Mailer (PCM) is a professional bulk email blast software utility designed to broadcast targeted email campaigns directly from your computer. With its powerful set of features, PCM gives you what you need to create and distribute rich HTML email campaigns in minutes.

Platinum Corporate Mailer features a flexible bulk e-mail engine for responsible email sending. The email marketing system replaces the need for an SMTP relay server and can distribute email messages directly from your computer right to the recipient's email inbox bypassing the need of your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) SMTP server. This "direct sending mode" takes the strain off of your ISP's mail server and dramatically boosts email distribution speeds. Don't wish to use PCM's " direct sending mode" or is your ISP not compatible with this method? No problem. At your option, this feature can be disabled. Platinum Corporate Mailer email software program also works directly with your ISP's current mail server settings so you have the option to select which sending program mode works best for you.

PCM's Software Address Book Makes it Easy to Locate Contacts & Execute Email Blast Campaigns

Platinum Corporate Mailer email blasting software features an easy-to-use Address Book to load and store your email lists, work and home postal addresses, contact phone and fax numbers, conferencing details, instant messaging addresses, web site addresses, and personal details like anniversaries or birthdays.

Import your email lists into the PCM bulk email blaster software with a click of a button. Sorting, filtering, and organizing your contact records within PCM's built-in Address Book is simple and convenient. You can break down your lists of contacts into separate "groups" so that accessing contact information and initiating email campaigns is quick and easy. Do you want to send emails to specific individuals within a group you create? Or maybe you wish to blast emails to an entire group. Need to exclude addresses you don't want to send to? No problem! Broadcasting email campaigns to the email lists you chose is as easy. Just point and click!

Send Email to your Database Lists without Importing or Exporting

Is your data currently stored in a database like Microsoft Access? One of Platinum Corporate Mailer's newest features is its ability to connect to any database and directly extract the email addresses without the need of exporting or importing. The PCM email software program automatically sends messages to those extracted email addresses in one single step. The major benefit in having this feature is that all the emails that PCM broadcasts to can be maintained on the database side. Have email data and records that are constantly being updated within your database? Not a problem. PCM email blast program constantly communicates with your database to automatically recognize any changes and adjusts to send out your email campaigns accordingly. Platinum Corporate Mailer works with any ODBC compliant database.

Email Blaster Programs that Speak to your Database
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Handles HTML and Text message formats

Platinum Corporate Mailer offers a feature rich built-in editor which gives you the ability to design your ads and messages in HTML and plain text. The HTML editor allows you to create powerful messages that include bold fonts, colors, and embedded images.

  • Underline
You can also send your entire Web Page in your mail message.

Email Blast Your Entire Web Page

While you compose your HTML message, PCM email blast software automatically prepares a plain-text message alternative for your campaign. A plain-text alternative can be designed separately from the HTML portion, and both alternatives can be tied into one campaign and sent out to your recipients. When you send out your campaigns using this method, recipients that can view HTML messages will see your message as HTML. If recipients' email reader (like Microsoft Outlook) does not have HTML enabled or does not have the capability of displaying HTML messages, the multi-part message will be shown automatically in plain text!

Personalized Email Delivery

With Platinum Corporate Mailer, blasting personalized messages to your recipient email list is easy. This task is accomplished using PCM's powerful Mail Merge feature. This feature allows you to "merge" personal information from your contact groups like the recipient's "First & Last Name" (See [First_Name] Displayed in example image below). By applying simple adjustments like placing the recipients' name in the subject line or message body of your campaign has proven to have a dramatic effect on email open rates and click throughs. Personalization is also the most efficient way to generate new orders from existing clients. By selecting the preview button, you can be assured that the personalized message for each recipient appears the way it should.

Personalized Bulk Email Blasting

Backup and Restore your PCM Workplace with a Click of the Mouse

Platinum Corporate Mailer email blast software provides you with a quick way to backup and restore your workplace with a click of the mouse. You can backup your address book, your settings, signatures, accounts, and ad copy creatives. This option is highly useful when you want to relocate programs to another computer or if you need to re-install the software. Re-importing and restoring your backup files into PCM is fast and easy.

Operates on all Platforms of Windows

The email blast software, Platinum Corporate Mailer, is a 16/32/64 bit Windows software program for broadcasting email. It is designed to conveniently distribute emails to large mailing lists in sizes up to 50,000 recipients per group. PCM works on Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/2000/2003/Vista & Windows 7.

No Mac or Linux versions of Platinum Corporate Mailer are available.

Platinum Corporate Mailer Features:

  • High Speed multi-threaded direct delivery. Utilizes up to 200 threads for maximum broadcasting speeds!
  • Optional Direct Send feature allows messages to be sent directly from your computer straight to the recipient's mail box (without using your ISP's mail server) (Depends on ISP compatibility)
  • Ability to use your own ISP's mail server for relaying.
  • Personalized Mail merge capability
  • The PCM email software program gives you INSTANT statistics on deliverable and undeliverable emails.
  • Built-in scheduler allows you to set exact date and time to launch your campaign even when you are not present.
  • Smart sending engine sends multi-part messages to recipients so they can view your emails in HTML or Text regardless of their mail reader configuration.
  • Built-In message editor.
  • Supports attachments in your outbound the messages (drag & drop).
  • Easy to use Address Book with alphabetic tabs and groups.
  • Import email lists from external databases through ODBC SQL
  • Ability to directly import email lists from Outlook Address Book, Windows Address Book (.WAB), Paradox, DBase, Excel, .CSV, and Text files
  • Import your contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Easily remove duplicate email addresses in your Address Book between groups.
  • Ability to export your Address Book records to any database file type.
  • Send Manager shows detailed stats on your the delivery of your campaigns
  • Built-in English language spell checker, with over 150,000 words.
  • Option to cease transmission after sending "x" number of emails.
  • Supports Socks v4, 4A and 5 Proxy for LAN users
  • Interested? Upon receipt of your order, your software registration is emailed to you to unlock/enable the software for unlimited use.
  • Unlimited technical support and product walk throughs are included free of charge.

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