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* Advanced Filter is an additional $249
Example: 33020, 33069, 33024
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Email Lists

Buy Bulk Email Address Lists & Email Distribution List Data from Only $39.95

Emarketing Solutions' "E-List Service" provides email marketers with access to 1 million general global/worldwide bulk email address lists for just $39.95. This service will allow your business to shift your efforts away from collecting & compiling lists to focusing on what's most important - the email marketing itself. All email mailing lists are cleaned and are in a ready-to-email format so that they can be easily imported directly into any email software application. If you have any questions regarding our email address lists, please feel free to contact us.

Why E-List?

Are you familiar with the three basic principals involved in executing a successful direct email marketing campaign? Whether you are new to email marketing or a seasoned email advertiser, the success of your email campaign is dependent on three important principals. These principals make up the foundation and root of the direct email marketing model.

1. Consistent access to new and fresh prospect lists.
2. Optimizing your ad copy and using highly compelling subject lines.
3. Consistent broadcasting of your email ad at precise time intervals (repetition is the key = just look at TV commercials)

* Do your business email campaigns require supplemental prospect email mailing lists ?
* Do you require fresh lists on a consistent basis?

E-LIST is a service that provides you with NEW and FRESH email address lists as you need them. Accessing new email list updates is easy.  All lists can be accessed at any time 24 hours per day by downloading them directly from our servers.

What about duplicate lists?

A the beginning of each month, a new batch of cleaned and filtered lists are posted to our server for download. All email data files are parsed through a robust filtration process before they are made accessible. They are "washed" against our current "remove" list, "string" filter and "ISP" filter. All potential undeliverables, duplicates, majority of problem domains and networks, unsubscribe requests, and people that have requested removal of their domain are eliminated from our lists. Whether you purchase 1 million or 30 million emails, our filtration process will provide you with the cleanest possible list free of duplicate emails.

What deliverability can I expect from your lists?

Our email mailing lists are cleaned monthly before they are posted. Therefore, our fresh posts tend to be highly deliverable. Although we work to apply the most stringent filters during our list preparation process, an email list can never be perfectly deliverable. Email addresses cannot be compared to physical postal addresses. Some email users may retain their email account for years, while others may retain them for months, weeks or days. With that said, we always suggest that our E-List users download and make use of their email address lists as soon as possible. All and all, we receive a good amount of positive feedback on our lists. We are confident you will be satisfied with the quality.

How many email addresses will I have access to?

We offer a variety of different sized bulk email list packages. You have the flexibility in selecting the most appropriate sized email address list that best suits your needs. We can compile between 1 million to 100 million email records and have them prepared and posted for download upon confirmation of your order.

Quality not Quantity.

100% of our E-List email mailing lists are parsed through a strict filtration process to bring you the very best in email list data. Deliverability and cleanliness are our goal, not just quantity.  What good is an over-sized email address list if it's overall quality is poor?

Our focus is clear:

1. NO duplicate emails
2. All emails parsed through actively UPDATED global suppression lists
3. All emails parsed through our "String filter"
4. All emails are parsed through our ISP filters
5. All emails are run against a Validation Script to keep deliverability as high as possible.

Considering the fact that all of our E-LIST address lists are produced taking quality into consideration over quantity, the finished product is outstanding. Give E-List a try. We are certain you will be pleased.

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9 Million
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12 Million
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30 Million
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98 Million
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(The above prices are processed as a 1 time charge - you will not be rebilled)
Download location and order confirmations are emailed within 24 business hours from the time of purchase.


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Emarketing Solutions - Bulk Email Superstore provides complete email address lists & email marketing solutions for its clients.  If you have any questions on how we can assist you in building and executing your email marketing campaign, please feel free to contact us.

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