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  Email List Management Software
  Manage Email List Duplicates, Clean, Split, Filter & More

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Prepare & Manage Email Lists with the Most Advanced Email List Management Tool

EList Pro is a high powered email list management application that enables you to manage your email address lists quickly and easily. Note: Elist Pro does not "Collect" or "Send" emails. Instead, this software program is designed to process your remove/unsubscribe lists, prepare, filter and clean your data just before your campaign is sent. Proper list preparation is one of the most integral and important parts in executing legally compliant email marketing campaigns.

We designed the software to be user friendly, intuitive, and Lightning Fast. E-List Pro will operate on any list regardless of its size. It includes functions to prepare and manage email address lists by stripping email addresses from files of any type, removing addresses, filtering unwanted emails, seeding a list, separating a list by domain, extracting certain addresses from a list, building a list from user names and domains and sampling addresses from a list.

Elist Pro email database management software also offers utilities for running counts on your addresses lists, sorting and de-duping files, randomizing files, splitting a file into multiple lists, combining files, extracting the usernames or domain names from email addresses, replacing text with new text in all files and creating a file categorized by domain with domain groupings sized by the user.

Remove duplicate emails from Lists - Filter email lists

Elist Pro Key Benefits:

  • Free working 5 day demo, download and see for yourself
  • Strip valid email addresses from any type of file
  • Add/Remove addresses from a master list
  • Address Include/Exclude filter allows users to extract or remove addresses from files based on filters that you define
  • Seed any number of user specified seed email addresses into a list
  • Separate email addresses by domain into separate domain specific files. Optionally specify the minimum number of addresses of any domain that must exist before creating a new file
  • Manage email lists by sorting your files by domain
  • Count the number of email addresses in your files
  • Sort and remove duplicate emails from your address lists
  • Randomize and shuffle the email addresses in the files you specify
  • Split a file into smaller sized files based on your specified increments
  • Combine and append any number of files into a single master file
  • Built a list of email addresses from a list of usernames and domains
  • Extract usernames from email addresses that can be used in the list builder
  • Extract domain names from email address lists
  • Replace text in a list of email addresses with new text, i.e., change all .com addresses to .net addresses
  • Create a file containing addresses which are sequentially grouped by domain in a repeated fashion
  • Built-in Help File makes getting started EASY!
  • Works on all Windows platforms (Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003, XP, Vista & Windows 7). 16, 32 & 64 bit compatible.
  • Interested? Upon receipt of your order, your E-List Pro registration is emailed to you to unlock/enable the software for unlimited use.
  • Unlimited technical support and product walk throughs are included free of charge.

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E-List Pro - Email List Manager
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