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Mass Emailing Programs

We Offer 4 Software Tools That Make Email Marketing EASY

Reliant Email - Program to Send Mass Emailing Campaigns

Reliant Email
Accounts Starting From: $75
Reliant Email - Web Based Mass Emailing System

* 100% Web Based Email Marketing System
* Send Email Campaigns Directly Through Your Web Browser
* Perfect for Large Scale Mailings
* Bypass Your ISP Using our Servers & Bandwidth
* Track Opens, Clicks & Unsubscribes
* Easy to Use
* Free Test Drive Available

Platinum Corporate Mailer - Program to Send Mass Email Campaigns

Platinum Corporate Mailer
Only: $189
Mass Emailing Blaster Software

* Perfect for Small-Medium Scale Campaigns
* Preferred Choice for Customer Based Mailings
* Send Through SMTP or Bypass Your ISP
* Installs Directly on Your Computer
* Free Trial Available

Supersonic Email Collector - Software to Extract Email Lists

Supersonic Email Collector
Only: $299
Supersonic - Mass Email Collector  Program

* Collects Email Addresses at Speeds up to 50,000 p/Hour
* Type in the Keyword/s you Wish to Target
* Click the Extract Button
* Supersonic Compiles Targeted Email Lists in Minutes
* Free Trial Available

Elist Pro - Software to Clean & Prepare Email Lists

Elist Pro
Only: $129
Elist Pro - Email List Management Program

* Prepare & Clean Email Lists Before Sending Your Campaigns
* Remove duplicate addresses within your email lists

* Remove unsubscribe requests from your lists

* Count the number of addresses in your files

* Separate email lists by country or domain extension

* Split large lists into smaller manageable sized files

* Clean lists of improperly structured email addresses
* Free Trial Available


1) Software to Send Email Campaigns: "Reliant Email" and "Platinum Corporate Mailer". Both of these mass emailing programs allow you to send small to large scale email campaigns. Our 1st Option) "Reliant Email" is perfect for marketers or mass email senders who wish to manage medium to large sized broadcasts without sending through their ISP. Reliant Email is a web based mass email sending program that allows you to control every facet of your campaign directly through your web browser. Our 2nd Option) "Platinum Corporate Mailer", rather than being web based like "Reliant Email", is a software program that is directly installed on your computer. It is a great solution for sending messages if you have a current customer base of email addresses or for sending out small to medium sized campaigns.

2) Software to Extract Email Lists: "Supersonic Email Collector" is a useful utility that quickly and accurately collects targeted email lists. Using Supersonic Email Collector is Easy. Simply Type in the keyword phrases you wish to target and click the extract. Supersonic builds precisely targeted email lists at amazing speeds.

3) Software to Clean Email Lists: "Elist Pro" is a tool that cleans and prepares email lists from Supersonic or pre-existing data just before you send your campaigns. The Elist Pro tool set is a must have for any email marketer. The program allows you to: Remove duplicate addresses within your email lists, Remove unsubscribe requests, Count the number of email addresses in your files, Separate email lists by country or domain extension, Split large lists into smaller manageable sized files & allows you to clean lists of improperly structured email addresses & much much more.


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