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Designing & Sending Professional Email Campaigns can be Handled in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1) Build Targeted Email Lists - Using Supersonic Email Collector

Supersonic Email Collector
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Supersonic - Email Address Collector Package Bundle

The 1st step in creating an effective self managed email campaign is to build a email list of prospects. SuperSonic software will extract & build highly targeted email lists based on interest, occupation, industry, city, state, country, hobby, industry & other criteria. Simply open the Supersonic software, type in a search terms you wish to build lists for & click "Extract". Supersonic will quickly build you precise email lists based what you are looking for.


Step 2) Clean Your Email Lists - Using Elist Pro List Manager

Elist Pro List Manager

Reg Price: $129 - Special Bundle Below

Bulk Email Software Package

The 2nd step involves cleaning your email lists just before you send your campaign. Elist Pro software will:

* Remove duplicate addresses within your email lists
* Remove unsubscribe requests from your lists

* Count the number of addresses in your files

* Separate email lists by country or domain extention

* Split large lists into smaller manageable sized files

* Clean lists of improperly structured email addresses


Step 3) Send Your Email Campaigns - Using Platinum Corporate Mailer

Platinum Corporate Mailer

Reg Price: $189 - Special Bundle Below
Bulk Direct Email Sender

The final step in this process is the actual outbound broadcasting of your email campaign. Simply import your cleaned lists into Platinum Corporate Mailer, design your own message with its easy-to-use built-in editor and click "Send"! All your messages are automatically sent out quickly and effortlessly . Sending out campaigns are as easy as 1-2-3!


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