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We have devised easy to follow step-by-step instructions for getting started on the right foot with bulk email advertising.
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Make Your Emails Count

We came across this infographic recently and we just had to share it. It perfectly illustrates one of the points we make to our customers time and again. With just the sheer volume of emails being sent every day it is even more important to make sure the emails you send stand out. You can’t […]

New Infographic for Email Marketing Campaigns

We know that the more information you have before creating an email marketing campaign the better it will turn out. That’s why we created our latest infographic: The Five Basics of Email Marketing Campaigns. It imparts several hard won techniques that will lead to healthier and strong email marketing campaign. Now, without further ado…. Still […]

We Let You Try Before You Buy

Many businesses live and thrive thanks to their ability to trim the fat and cut unnecessary costs. These are the businesses that really know how to stretch a buck and get the most out of all of their assets. We’ve just added a new article to our site, “Can I preview email lists for sale?” […]

Getting Started On Your Own Targeted Email List

Getting started with bulk email marketing isn’t easy. It can be a very complicated form of marketing which has a number of misconceptions floating around about it. Our latest article covers some tips about breaking into email marketing—and specifically, how it provides benefits over conventional direct mail marketing. The main topic of the article has […]

Brand New Email Marketing Article Up

Hey guys we’ve recently added a new article to our site. It’s entitled “Targeted Email Lists; A Modern Solution to Bulk Advertising.” We wrote and published the article for a number of reasons. First, we think it’s important that our customers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. We’re always open to receiving calls […]